TMT Bar Grade

Fe-415, Fe-500, and Fe-550 are the grades available in the Indian market. Higher the grade number, higher the strength of the TMT Bars.

Technology: TMT Bars should be manufactured using Cold Twisted Technology which increases its strength and flexibility.


TMT bars are most preferred because of their flexible nature. A good quality TMT steel bar will not get traverse cracks after bending through 180 degrees.


Elongation is the ductility of the Steel. Higher the elongation rate, better savings, and reduced transportation costs.

Transverse Ribs

Transverse ribs or lugs of the TMT bars should be sharp and well-connected strips as it aid strong bonding with the cement.

Company and Certification

The company should be ISI or ISO certified. Buy reputed brands in the market though they may cost you more. Buy from the company authorized dealers.

Weighing TMT Steel

The weight of the TMT Steel per meter should be an incomparable range of the IS Standards. TMT Bars are weighed either in the shop or on a vehicle weigh scale (Steel Weight = Weight of Loaded Vehicle - Weight Unloaded Vehicle).


Generally Sold in Tonnes i.e., 1000 Kgs. Steel prices are daily fluctuating and you should check prices at least from 3 to 4 outlets.

Naked Eye Test

Every meter length of the TMT bars should bear the company seal. TMT Bars should be free from Rust or Ferrous coating and look new. Ends of each bundle should be of equal length. Each steel rod in a bundle should bear the company seal.